About Travis


I recently graduated from the University of South Florida, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I would say one of the highlights of my student experience would be going to China to do research (seen here is me on the Great Wall with my professor), but I also have a few other notable experiences as an engineer; If you’d like, you can view my resume.  Although I did graduate with an engineering degree, I also have various entrepreneurial endeavors that you may be interested in knowing about.

During my senior year, I co-founded Tampabay Holsters , a pistol holster manufacturing company, with my friend Jithin as the CEO and myself as the CMO. Born out of his garage, we have expanded tremendously, manufacturing and selling statewide, with a goal of scoring a government contract with the local police.

I also am a real estate investor in the Tampa Bay Area and I have had the great fortune of surrounding myself with great mentors.

For fun, I frequently tinker with arduino projects, and have designed a few products with my 3D printer. (Soon I will  begin blogging about some of these things, and they will be available later on this website.) My ultimate goal is to leverage my business skills, patents and network in order to build a tech company. Until then, I will be dedicated to learning as much as I can about building a successful business, and I hope that you will be able to walk that path with me.


Thank you for visiting my website, and if you’d like, you may contact me.